Ailbe’s Make A Wish

My sweet Ailbe was granted a wish from the Tri Counties Make a Wish Foundation last month. Ailbe wished for a “home” just like Tinkerbell’s cottage in the Tinkerbell Disney movies. We didn’t know what to expect from her wish and the granting party, but let’s just say our every dream and hope was surpassed that evening.

Our wish granters Jeanette and Shelby were hard at work from the beginning planning each detail for the house. They both went above and beyond and were a key component in making the grant party such a success. We scheduled to meet them Friday afternoon around two and they told us they would be bringing a “crew” and to go ahead and invite our guests to arrive for the party at 6pm. In my mind I was thinking “how on earth are they going to build something in under four hours?” Johnathan and his dad took almost a full week to build Ailbe’s swing set. Boy were my worries invalid!

Two o’clock arrived and a GIANT truck filled with parts and equipment rolled up to our house. Out popped a few men, then a few more and soon our yard was filled with around 15 men and two women! Only these weren’t regular men and women these were the skilled “Seabees” of the United States Navy that are part of a construction battalion that apparently lays/paves a runway for military planes in two hours! So, constructing a child’s house would be a piece of cake for them! Not only was it the coolest crowd we’ve ever had in our yard but it was truly an honor. It made the wish presentation all the more special for us as a family and the Seabees made us feel special. They volunteered their precious time to help out my daughter. My kid, meant that much to them that they wanted to be there all day long. This act of kindness, truly put us on cloud nine and will never be forgotten.

FullSizeRender-1 FullSizeRender-2 FullSizeRender-3 FullSizeRender IMG_3832 IMG_3897

We enjoyed watching the entire process from start to end. Sure enough two hours passed and the house was up and ready! We invited the Seabees to stay for the wish presentation party along with a few of our closest friends and family. We chose to include those people who had played a key role in us getting through the toughest times that this journey through Infantile Spasms presents to us on a daily basis. It was such a heart warming feeling to have all of these people take time out of their busy lives to support Ailbe and her fight against Epilepsy.

The party was catered by BJ’s restaurant. They were so gracious in their donating of the food and desserts for the party.

We all gathered around to celebrate Bee and as the reveal occurred it was just breath taking to watch Ailbe’s expression as she entered her “home.” She was definitely overwhelmed with all the people and the fact that she now had this gorgeous play house that it took her until the following day to process what had happened. Her friends warmed up immediately though and so did many of the adults!


Thank you from the bottom of our heart to the Tri County Make a Wish Foundation, Shewmon photography, The US Navy Seabees, Home Depot and BJ’s for making my little girl feel special. Not only did you make Ailbe feel like a princess for the day but you made our family feel loved and you acknowledged what this journey has meant to us all. We are forever in your debt.



***All photography by Jeff Shewmon of Shewmon Photography*** 

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