Let it go

Today was an especially verbal day for Ailbe. She was labeling everything she saw and asking questions all day long. Tonight she grabbed her Elsa pajama gown and wanted me to help her put it on. Now pj time doesn’t run smoothly in our home when it comes to Bee. It generally involves some “no” protests as well as a few kicks (I’m shocked I still have all my teeth!). 

But, tonight was different. She was happy to be dressed and excitedly found Isla’s matching pajamas. I looked at her and said “this one is Isla’s, go help her put it on.” She looked straight in my eyes and said “okay!” Excitedly, she ran off yelling “Isla, look! It’s Elsa, it go! Isla!” Now I wish I had this moment on film, but I for once in my life didn’t leave the experience to run and grab my camera (not sure I would’ve caught it all). This time, I lived in the moment. Something I’m trying to do so much more now that I have two kids and in light of recent events,I’ve been reminded to make every one count.

My mum suffered from a heart attack recently and it stopped my world dead in its tracks. Life without Grammy is no life at all. She is our everything and my complete savior in life. Every piece of mother I hope to be I see and value in her natural doings. This fear of losing my mother has driven me to enjoy each and every life moment and not dwell on capturing “the perfect” ones. All too often, the images of perfect we see around us involved tears from all parties and or bribery. I want to expand more on my mum and her recent serious health scare but I will do that in a separate blog because a paragraph doesn’t do Grammy justice. Back to Bee…

As I watched her face light up, while she ran across our room to find Isla, it felt as though time stopped. For a moment, a split second, I felt normal. We were having a normal experience and it felt AWESOME! Was she able to clothe Isla? Heck no! But she tried and they both got caught up in the moment.

To say my girls are obsessive about Elsa would be an understatement. Heck Isla thinks she lives with us! Although I wasn’t able to capture this specific moment, I was able to record Ailbe a little later. She in fact, requested I do so. She points to my phone and says “talk” when she wants me to record her now. It’s adorable.

It’s really an incredible feeling to see Ailbe achieve these small skills in life because although small to some they are particularly grand to us. 

She simply put, is a miracle. 
Enjoy 😍

2 thoughts on “Let it go”

  1. I love the post and the video. I don’t pull out my camera very often and in the past that’s seemed to bother some people. I do it for the same reason as you. I don’t want to experience my son from behind a screen. I still take pictures of him of course, but they’re mostly staged shots or when he’s posing. He loves his picture taken too!

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