At 7:59 you made me a mother…

On November 5th, 2010 at 7:59am you made me a mother. From the moment you were put on my chest I knew you were meant for me. I could feel your warmth, your strength and your kindness at first meet. Six years have passed since then, the years have come and gone, sometimes very rapidly and other times slower than one could bear. 

Things I know about you Ailbe… You were sent to be with me. You comfort and ease me during my most trying days. You make me laugh uncontrollably with your goofy ways. You see the world differently. You are an observer who takes in each and every bit of your surroundings gathering up information to store and learn from. You are a strong girl, stronger than most I know. You are beyond kind. Your gentle soul runs deep into your core and is a gift. You, like myself, love hard. You attach yourself to your favorites and you are loyal. You are silly. You love to dance, goof around and get up to mischief. You have endless abilities. But most of all, YOU make my heart swell with pride.

Things you’ve taught me. Love is unconditional. Motherhood is the greatest thing that could happen to anyone, regardless of anything. You’ve taught me to love myself. To respect who I am and not try to change for others. You’ve taught me to live in the moment. To let go, to just be. Most of all, you’ve taught me the true meaning of love and happiness.

Ailbe you’ve lived more in your six years than most do in their lifetime. You’ve battled unfathomable challenges in your young years and you’ve done so with grace. In your battle with Infantile Spasms you kept a smile on your face in between your painful spasms and you played hard still. You rose to the most devastatingly trying challenges with the only way you know how to be- tough and positive. You amaze me Ailbe. Each and every day. Each and every milestone and even inchstone you reach you amaze me. 

I love you with all my heart and soul. You are my reason for life Ailbe. You and your sister and our family. So many admire you and you are only six! I can’t wait to see what your years ahead bring. I hope you are always as happy and energetic as you are today and that life is kind to you.

Baby Bee…you are always my baby. I’ll love you foreveršŸ’œ

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