Tomorrow at 7:59am you turn ten…

Ten years… Feels like 100, but I’d live them all over again to have you in my life just the way you are. Ailbe: fair one, pure, Ailbhe patron saint of Ireland. You are magical, like your name, you are special, pure, a gift from above.

Ailbe you have endured more in ten short years than most will in their life time. You smile through your seizures and tell me that you are okay. You reassure us when our eyes fall, and hearts sink, that “I’m fine mama.” We know you are not fine but that you’re are brave.

Every day Ailbe you teach us what life really means. Life is not about arguments, political parties, achievements, and financial success. Rather, life is about learning to love in the deepest form. Love everyone. Love ourselves. Love what we have. Love enough.

My dream for you this next year Ailbe is that you find friendship, like you want to, but that you also know you have your best friend for life in Isla. Listening to you girls laugh tonight, while playing, reminded me that nothing else matters except the both of you. You are our world. You and little buggy. She will always be by your side even when I am long gone.

Ailbe you have beaten and surpassed many “nevers” and I know you will continue to. You are our world. May God continue to bless you and you bless all those around you. My darling girl, I love you more than words can say.

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