Lost Love

A lost love may not be lost forever, although it can feel that way I’ve always believed that true love can survive the toughest terrain…

You left me. 

Alone, and scared to pick myself up off the floor when my body failed me. 

You left me.

Shaking and frightened that it would never end and this was my new norm.

You left me.

Without your love that I had for so long, wondering if it would ever return.

You made me.

Feel weak physically and inferior in every aspect of my skills.

You made me.

Think I was the problem, and that I needed to fix myself.

You made me.

Search for a way to survive the struggles on my own.

You taught me.

That fear can consume your brain and body, taking control of your “self.”

You taught me.

A person’s worth is evident in their actions towards those that they love and care for.

You taught me.

That I am one strong woman, that my core runs deep and that I’m a warrior in this battle.

As alone as you may feel, you are never alone. Someone is ALWAYS at your fingertips ready to listen. Never believe that you don’t have an opportunity to get through the worst of life. 

There’s always another chance around the next bend…

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