You’re better

You’re better than you know.

You’re better than you feel.

You’re better than you think.

You’re better than you choose.

You’re better…

In today’s society we are surrounded by negative thoughts. Negative posts of hate towards others on the web. Negative actions of violence towards innocents all over the news. Negative attitudes in the newspaper. Everywhere we look, we are seeing negativity. It’s no wonder why so many of us mothers are feeling additional stress and anxiety. On top of all of our regular mom duties, we have real life scares to add into the mix. And, on a smaller scale from world issues, we have competition in our daily life from other moms. Whether it be purposeful or not, it’s there. If you think it’s not, then, bless you, because you’re mind goes exactly where I need mine to go!

Do you analyze every small moment in life? Are you the mom that tries excessively to please others? Do you always strive to achieve others approval? Did you cry when you planned an event that went so quickly you didn’t even enjoy it because you were running around like a crazy person making sure everything was “perfect”? Are you this mom? If you are,  I’m here to say STOP! Stop being that mom. You are good enough! You’re better than you know.

Do you take every comment someone makes to heart? Are you lonely when you aren’t included in a group even with people you thought were friends? Did you feel let down when you learned your best friend really wasn’t your “best” friend? When one person treats you poorly, do you question all relationships in your life? If you do, I’m here to say STOP! Stop being that insecure person. YOU are incredible. YOU are better than you feel.

Do you think about your past mistakes daily? Do you worry about the future and stress over what “might happen?” Are you constantly asking yourself how you could’ve made something better? Or, that if you had just done this, instead of that, outcomes may have been different? If this is how you think, I’m here to tell you, STOP! You are better than you think.

Do you settle? In life? In friendship? Financially? In your goals? Do you settle for third when you wish you were first? Do you question decisions and choices that you’ve made in the past? Would you change if you could? Do you let others tell you who you are, what you should think, or what you’re worth? If you do, STOP. You’re better than you choose.

You’re better…



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